When the Chakra Energy Centers are in balance you experience better health –

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Spiritually

Benefits of Balancing the Chakra Energy may include:

  • Release anger, guilt, fear, sadness, loneliness
  • Enhance feelings of being safe and protected
  • Experience more pleasure and sensual fulfillment
  • Increase ability to make decisions and take action
  • Be able to trust and feel connected
  • Reduce desire for unhealthy habits
  • Get in touch with inner guidance and intuition

In this course you will

  • Learn About each of the 7 Chakra Energy Centers
  • Learn about the Color, Location and Vibration of each Chakra
  • Understand the Characteristics of Each Chakra
  • Discover How Chakra Balancing Affects Your Health & Well Being
  • Listen to a Daily Guided Meditation to Balance each of the Chakras
  • Enjoy a Complete Seven Chakra Balancing Meditation
  • Complete Writing Assignments to Journal to Enhance the Experience

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