People often wonder if hypnosis ‘really works’.   There is a mixture of hope and doubt rolled into curiosity.

The fact is, we all go into hypnosis everyday, and as we do, ‘suggestions’ can drop into your unconscious mind.  If these suggestions ‘take hold’ they will be directing to you be, act, do in ways you may or may not want to be.

It is like programming the thermostat on your air conditioner.  You turn the thermostat to 70 degrees, and the room stays at 70 degrees.  When the room gets warmer than 70 degrees, the air conditioner turns on, and when the toom gets cooler than 70, the air conditioner turns off.

It is automatic. You do not have to think about it.  You do not have to walk over and turn the thermostat switch up and down.   It just happens.  Automatically, and perfectly, it will run ‘whatever it has been programmed to do’.

That is how hypnosis works.  It installs ‘useful programs into your unconscious, where you can then forget about them as you go about your day.  When you have a program in your unconscious, it just runs, automatically, perfectly, without your conscious attention.  This can be very useful!

If the program is working for you (like setting the thermostat at 70 when it is 100 degrees outside) then leave it alone.  But if the program is not working for you (perhaps the thermostat was left on 105) then you might want to change it.

Just as you can easily walk over and turn the thermostat down, to 70 or 75 and then forget about it, that is how hypnosis works.  You put the program in, and then you are done. (until the weather changes outside, and then you may be ready for a new program!)

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