What happens when you stop smoking? The body has an amazing ability to heal itself when you get out of the way!

Cut your finger and immediately your body begins to heal. The blood coagulates to form a clot and stop the bleeding. There may be a slight scab as this heals over. Then the scab heals and the skin forms and grows. Then. as long as no bacteria or toxins get in the way, the skin heals back to normal.

If you break a leg the doctor takes x-rays to re-align the bones into proper alignment.

The doctor then forms a cast to hold the bones in place and let the healing begin.

However, it is your body that takes over and does the healing magic of reforming bone
back into a strong and steady structure so that you may walk again.

This amazing healing ability lives within each and every one of us. When everything is
in alignment, as long as no toxins get in the way, your body has the ability to heal.

Here are the facts – what happens to your body the moment you stop smoking*

20 Min
Your heart rate and blood pressure stabilize.

24 Hrs

Smokers breath disappears.
Oxygen levels normalize.
Carbon Monoxide levels in the blood drop to normal.

2-3 Days
Your sense of taste and smell improve.
Breathing becomes easier.

7 Days
Nerve endings begin to regrow.

2-12 Weeks
Risk of heart attack drops.
Blood circulation improves.
Energy levels improve.
Exercising becomes easier.
Lung function increases.

1-5 Years
Lower risk of heart disease and stroke to that of a nonsmoker.
Risk of cancer of mouth, throat, esophagus reduced by half.

10 Years
Risk of heart disease lowers to same as a nonsmoker.
Risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker.

Ready to Quit?

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