Did you know there are two major drivers that motivate people to change? What are these drivers that motivate people to quit smoking?

These TWO motivating factors are behind every change a person makes in their life.

I share these with all of my clients because they are so critical.

These are the powerful driving forces behind changing a habit, such as quitting

These two driving factors are pain and pleasure.

People always move away from pain and towards pleasure.

When you are a child the moment you touch a hot stove for the first time you instantly
move away from that pain. You learn very quickly how touching a hot stove is painful
and you never do it again.

Your unconscious mind can learn that fast!!!

From that moment on, your unconscious mind will keep you away from that heat without even thinking about it.

In a similar way people move toward pleasure.

A young child licks an ice cream cone for the very first time, and their face lights up as
they notice how delightful it is to be tasting that wonderful, sweet treat.

Then from that moment on they seek out ice cream. They look for ice cream. They
eagerly reply “Yes” to this tasty treat.

We learn very quickly to move away from pain and move towards pleasure.
What does this have to do with smoking?

When a person smokes over time, through associations, your unconscious mind learns
to connect the idea of quitting smoking to pain. When this happens, just the thought of
quitting smoking is painful.

If you don’t believe me just pause a moment and think about quitting smoking right now and notice what pops up in your mind.

There is an association to kicking the habit as being painful, or unpleasant or hard.
Otherwise you would just do it.

What makes the shift even more challenging are the subconscious connections that link smoking – to – pleasure.

Smokers have learned to connect the ‘idea’ of smoking to pleasure.

However, you learn in my online smoking cessation program, that pleasure around
smoking has nothing to do with the cigarette itself. The pleasure is not even about the

These connections to pain and pleasure were learned subconsciously. Which is why a
smoker connects the “idea” of smoking to pleasure. And just the “idea” of quitting feels
like pain.

And that’s what keeps smokers stuck.

They have this pain and pleasure connection backwards.

In the online program Mind Movies you will be able to easily reverse these connections
to pain and pleasure, at the subconscious level, using a simple and effective NLP
technique. The subconscious level is where those connections are formed, and it is
where they can be reversed.

When you reverse these connections, when you connect smoking to pain and you
connect the idea of smoking to discomfort – and when you connect the idea of being a
nonsmoker to feeling comfort and ease – when that happens – it becomes very easy to quit.

In the Mind Movies program you make these new connections.

After you do this, the idea of smoking brings a feeling of discomfort, and the idea of
quitting brings a sense of comfort and ease.

In fact, when you make these new connections to pain and pleasure at the
subconscious level, your Desire to want to quit will increase automatically.

Having a strong desire to do something is an element of success.

Perhaps you are familiar with Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. In this book
the idea of having a “burning desire” to do something is critical for success.

Mind Movies will link pain and pleasure with the correct connections to create a Burning Desire to want to quit smoking.

If you want a more extensive program, the Smoking Cessation Program helps you
smash apart triggers that were connecting pleasure to the cigarette.

The act of smoking in itself is not a pleasurable act. Your subconscious mind has simply learned to ‘connect’ pleasure to the ‘idea’ of smoking.

But when you apply the simple methods in these smoking cessation programs you will
reverse those connections, and you will find you wake up suddenly feeling different than before, and quitting smoking becomes easier than it has been before.

All of these Drivers are stepping stones to help you to successfully quit smoking for
good, without struggle, and without turning back.

Ready to Quit? Thinking about it?

Check out the Programs

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