Timeline Therapy combines techniques of Hypnosis and NLP with Timeline Regression to go back and heal the past, or to go forward and plant your goals in your future. In Timeline Regression, we can go back to the ‘root cause’ of a problem that is blocking you today, and heal it. Magically, when you heal the past, that obstacle disappears in the present, and allows new options for the future.

Let Go of Negative Emotions from the Past! Let Go of Limiting Decisions from the Past! Set Future Goals and actually Reach Them!

Your Time Line Coach is skilled in virtual “time-travel” and confidently guides you in a heartfelt process, completely transforming that moment in time when everything took on new meaning. We visit your past, armed with positive tools, which you offer to yourself and the situation. This technique miraculously heals everyone involved in the memory, including you. Together we repair the negative emotions and apply a positive outcome which alters the present and offers new choices for the future. In future timeline imprinting, we take your goals, super-charge them with NLP techniques and plant them in your future. This automatically stimulates your unconscious to begin working ‘for you’ to move you towards your goal!

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