Why is Hypnosis so powerful?

Because it accesses the power of your subconscious mind.    We all have two parts to the mind:  the conscious part and the unconscious part (subconscious.)  Your conscious mind is basically everything you are aware of at any moment.  The rest is unconscious.

The conscious mind is like the ‘tip of the iceberg’ appearing above the water, and the rest is hidden, buried beneath the surface.

If someone asks for your phone number, without consciously thinking about it, you could recite the number out loud.   Where was that phone number stored before you were thinking about it?   It was stored in your unconscious mind.

The unconscious is like a super-computer storing trllions of  bits of information (much more than the conscious mind) and is an incredible resource available to you at any time!!

Your unconscious stores all of your memories and experiences, and  ‘programs’ that are learned as far back as when you were a child.  And these programs are ‘outside’ of your conscious awareness.

That’s wonderful if the programs work for you (such as ‘how to drive a car’ and ‘don’t cross the street in traffic’).  But sometimes programs get dropped in that are not so useful, and that’s where hypnosis can help.

The unconsicous mind is like google.  A huge search engine containing all the documents of your life.  These documents may include loss, disappointment, habits, traumas, success, delight, joy and happiness.

The unconscious also stores a collection of ‘beliefs and perceptions’.  It’s all in there.

Hypnosis is like google search engine.  If there is a document that you want to read, pull up and possibly edit,  google will get you there.  In the same way, hypnosis can pull up documents (behaviors, habits, feelings, beliefs) and allow you to edit them to improve feelings, change behaviors and alter perceptions that are no longer useful for you in your life today.

For instance, perhaps you have tried to lose weight and even been successful in the past, trying out diets or quick weight loss programs….only to find the belly fat comes right back.  Or perhaps you want to quit smoking, and you have even been able to stop smoking in the past, but after a while you picked up a cigarette and started to smoke again.

These habits are most likely due to “programs” in your unconscious mind  and until those unconscious programs are edited, those habits will continue to repeat. Fortunately, these programs are ‘learned behavior’ and that means, they can be unlearend.  Hypnosis and NLP will help you to edit those programs at an unconscious level, to make the change for good.

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