Spring Into Summertime And Skip The Blues

Spring is here with summer just around the corner,

and now is the time when people

Jump into spring cleaning:

Sweeping away the old,

Starting something new,

A time to dust off the shelf,

Forgotten items of the past,

Letting them go,

Some people are

Planting a garden

after pulling up weeds

Painting a colorful palette

on the patio

Donating the old

Clearing out space.

If you have not jump started

a project just yet….

There is still time to get started

And now is also a good time

for Spring cleaning on the inside

I mean, just think about it…

It just makes sense…

Before planting a garden

You pull up the weeds

Before staining the deck

You scrub off the moss

Before painting a cabinet

You scrape off the old paint

Before sculpting a statue

From a block of stone

You dust off the cobwebs

So it only makes sense…

Before sculpting the

shape of your life,

You want to dust off the cobwebs,

And take a look at

that block of stone,

and then begin to imagine

how you want to change it

You may start off with an image in mind

And that vision may change

as you chip away at the stone

but you have an idea of how

you want that image to take shape

First you take a good look

at what is there before you,

buried within the stone

You notice the cracks and

crevices that are a natural part of this

strong piece of earth

and then,

you craft those imperfections

into a finished work of art

After all, those cracks and crevices

are often where

Natural Beauty is found,

So as you are taking steps

To Spring into Summer

With odd jobs and spring cleaning

Take time to do that inner work too

The joy of hypnosis and NLP is

found in the fact that…

You can take out the trash

(and you don’t even have to smell it!)

but then you can enjoy

a breath of fresh air,

and your space seems to

be more open and clear

allowing room for a new idea,

or inspiration to flow in

and from this place,

you can shape your life,

much like using a sculptors tool,

that chisels away the pieces…

and reveals something awesome

for everyone to see.

So consider this…

Step into spring

with mindfulness,

by scheduling a session

or better yet,

a series of sessions

To help guide you, as you

Design that work of art

Called Life

Remember –  Life is a work-in-progress…

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