Smoking Cessation Program

Are you ready to quit smoking? Would you like to stop smoking without the struggle that most people go through? Then sign up now!
Since 2007 Becky Hays CH/MNLP has helped a variety of people kick the habit, using a combination of hypnosis sessions, NLP techniques, and evidence based research that works. Now you can have access to all of these sessions in the self-paced online program at a fraction of the cost. The best way to quit smoking is the one that works for you! If you want to stop smoking hypnosis is going to help you learn how to quit smoking and be successful this time. (see statistics below) Yes you could quit smoking cold turkey, but many of those people start smoking again. There is a reason for that, as you will learn in the program! But if you accept a little help with guided hypnosis for smoking in this powerful smoking cessation program, you can finally enjoy long term success.

The benefits of doing this program are:

  • you can repeat the program anytime for reinforcement.
  • you receive tips to quit smoking that increase the success-factor.
  • you get extra BONUS sessions and techniques (more than you need) beyond the typical program, greatly increasing your ability to succeed.
  • you get all this at a fraction of the cost clients have paid to attend this many sessions with me in person.
  • best of all you do not quit smoking until you are ready!

How long does it take to quit smoking?

As long as it takes for you to be ready! Everyone is in a different place along this journey, and no matter where you are along that path, this program will speed up your quit smoking timeline. STATS: This smoking cessation program includes a combination of guided hypnosis sessions, guided NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) exercises, and journaling exercises that have been proven to have a 95% success rate in studies with over 5000 smokers. That’s worth repeating! These techniques had a 95% Success Rate in a study with over 5000 Smokers! In addition I have included tips to quit smoking and feedback from my clients who were successful, as they reported back to me on what worked for them. If you have been considering kicking the habit – if you have been wanting to quit but believe it will be too hard – then this program is for you. The beauty of this program is – you do not quit smoking until you are ready! That’s right! How wonderful is that?! The essence of this program gently nudges you towards the finish line – so by the time you reach the Quit Date on the final day – you are a different person than you were when you started – and you are ready to quit. You may even quit before you get to the Quit Date! (that happens!) Sign Up Now