Have you ever felt as if the world is crumbling around you?  Nothing works?  You do everything right, set your goals, get clear about what you want, practice the law of attraction, stay present, be in the NOW, uncover your limiting beliefs, remove subconscious obstacles, stay un-attached to the outcome, set up milestones, practice perseverance, meditate, take action, never give up, and still…nothing works!

Have you ever reached a point of exhaustion, disappointment, discouragement, regret, or downright hopelessness?

That is a good time to remember that
“Magic Happens”

I recently bought a ‘magic wand’ for my clients.  I wanted to remind them about the magic inside, those powerful inner resources we all have within.

It’s true that hypnosis and NLP are fabulous and fast tools for creating shifts at the subconscious level, but I also give my clients ‘homework’.    I give them exercises to do at home that will magnify the results.

But sometimes my clients do not ‘do’ the steps at home.  They feel the change should happen in the office, as if by magic.

As if I could simply wave a magic wand and ‘poof’ their entire life is better.  Yes, hypnosis is powerful, but the shift actually comes from within you.  I am simply the guide.  You do the steps.

It was a curious synchronicity when late one night, the universe delivered an inspiration.  As I was driving past a strip mall, in the deep, dark, nighttime sky I saw colorful glowing wands, flashing and waving through the air.  They were beautiful swirls of reds and greens and blues, very much like the lightsaber wand from Star Wars, except these wands had flashing patterns of light.

The next day I had a ‘magic wand’ in hand, ready to hypnotize my client, along with my magic script:   “If I had a magic wand and all you had to do was wave it over you to reach your goal, would you do it?”

“Yes, of course!” my client would exclaim.  Then I would pull out my flashing magic wand, and say “Well I happen to have a magic wand” (as I wave it in the air, my client looking on in wide-eyed wonder!).  “And all you need to do now, is do the steps!”

The magic will happen, either way, but if you do the steps, it will be even better.

What does all this have to do with feeling stuck in a deep hole of exhaustion, despair, and discouragement?  It is important to remember that magic does happen.  Sometimes it can happen in a flash.  And that magic can be life-changing.  In fact, it can be transformational.

I imagine you have experienced times in your life, where something happened in a moment, and suddenly your life was forever changed.  Perhaps there was a shift in your surroundings, or your career, or the people around you, or your beliefs.

Today, as I sat down to write this article, my magic wand, sitting in the corner, spontaneously began to flash!  And now, it is glowing in a  dazzling pattern of light, and I cannot turn it off!

Perhaps this is because my green tea spilled on the countertop, and ran over the edge.  Perhaps some of the green tea slipped into the wand.

That little spill seemed like a disaster at the time, running all over the place.  The magic wand was not flashing as I cleaned up the mess.

But the result of that little spill, that “something unwanted”, was a magic wand that spontaneously began to flash, and is flashing right now, the most brilliant colors of greens and blues and reds in a soothing, mystical pattern.

That is how the magic of the universe happens.  It can turn on in a flash, and be brilliant beyond belief, and then the flow is so big, so strong, you cannot turn it off.

Be ready for the magic to happen in your life.  Be ready for that unexpected flash of light that comes bursting into reality with stunning colors, and endless flow.  And as you prepare for this transformational shift to occur, here is one last reminder.  Stay on task, do the steps, and the magic will be even better.

Yesterday the magic wand started flashing again…and now over 24hrs later, it is still glowing strong.  Be ready for that flash of brilliance to come into your life when you least expect it.

All the best,

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