Are you having trouble sleeping? Would you like to have more peaceful sleep? Do you have difficulty sleeping, going to sleep, or trouble staying asleep? Developing good sleeping habits is a huge step towards a healthy lifestyle. There are a variety of ways to sleep better and spending a moment to explore these sleep remedies can be quite beneficial.
How do you have trouble sleeping? Do you have anxiety at night? Are you tired but can’t sleep? Do you need help falling asleep? You may be surprised at the side effects that happen when you are sleep deprived. There are huge connections between stress and sleep, or more specifically, cortisol and sleep. Many sleep problems are related to higher stress levels. This also affects your immune system. Taking action to lower stress and lower cortisol can eliminate many sleep problems, and give an immediate boost to your immune system. Enjoying a relaxing hypnosis session is an ideal way to lower stress. In fact, many clients schedule hypnosis sessions to manage other issues and are surprised to discover the side benefits that occur. Simply going into a state of hypnosis naturally lowers stress, lowers cortisol, and often improves sleeping habits. Of course you want to rule out any other insomnia causes, such as sleep apnea or health issues. But I have met with clients who have tried many other methods, from natural remedies for insomnia to visiting a sleep specialist at a clinic, and by the time they came to me they still had trouble sleeping. The amazing benefits of working with hypnosis and the power of your inner mind, is this: If something is bothering you on a deeper level, even if you do not consciously know what it is about, you can let it go. When that happens, people often find they are enjoying a night of peaceful sleep for the first time in a long while.
BEDTIME STORY For example – years ago I presented at a health and wellness fair and had a booth to explain the benefits of hypnosis. One lady came running from across the room, holding a Starbucks coffee in hand. She seemed quite frantic as she reached my booth, spilling her Starbucks coffee all over the table top as she shouted “I have not slept in years! Do you think hypnosis can help me?” My first thought, as I watched the coffee dribble down over the edge of the table was this “Maybe you need to cut back a bit on the caffeine!” But we did schedule a few sessions. And even though she had ‘tried everything’ over the years, within a few sessions, she was able to sleep. For the first time in years.
DEEPER CONNECTIONS Anxiety and sleep are closely related, just as anxiety and depression tend to go together. When a person feels anxious, it can interfere with sleep, causing fatigue, lack of energy, and lead to depression. Perhaps this is why, when people schedule sessions to address one specific issue, such as anxiety or sleep, they notice how many areas of life begin to lighten up and feel better. Because on a deeper level, it is all connected. When you learn to control anxiety with the methods we use in session, any anxiety induced insomnia begins to diminish too. This connection to sleeplessness can relate to other issues as well, and can be connected to deeper feelings such as resentment of a partner, family member, co-worker, or connect to buried feelings of anger, worry, guilt, or other unresolved feelings. Any of these buried emotions can keep you up at night. The beauty of hypnosis is that you don’t even necessarily need to know what is bothering you on a deeper level, because part of you knows what it is. That deeper part of you can let it go, and you can finally enjoy peaceful sleep.