Improve Mood – Feel Better – Take Back Control

Do you find yourself falling into the same old rut, feeling a certain way that you don’t want to feel? Do you find yourself feeling anxious or depressed, frustrated or angry, discouraged or hopeless? Do you experience feelings of guilt or shame? Did you know that experiencing the same emotion over and over can become a habit? Experiencing a range of emotion is natural and part of the human experience. Everyone feels ‘down’ some of the time. But if you spend too much time in these lower vibration emotions, this could have a ripple effect, leading to resentment, negative thinking, or self criticism, crushing your self image and affecting your ability to succeed in life. Living in negative emotions can affect your self-image, and lead to low self esteem, lack of confidence, low feelings of self worth and make it hard to believe in your self. People with high self esteem generally tend to do better in all areas of life. Some people dwell in a positive attitude while others seem to be stuck, swimming in an unpleasant emotional stew. Some people feel trapped in emotions that block their joy and happiness in life. They spend too much time feeling angry and resentful, or depressed, anxious or fearful. Others fall into a habit of judgement and blame, being critical of others, which usually springs from the unconscious habit of criticizing the Self. Of course we all have the ability to experience a range of emotion. This is normal and natural. But when certain emotions take center stage and seem to take over – life can become out of balance. When that happens, it is a sign, it is time, to take back control.

“Hypnosis allows people to take control of their lives and create change that is positive and enduring.”

The first step in building confidence and building self esteem is to learn self acceptance. To accept your self as you are right now, even as you make plans to improve your life. All emotions are useful in the right context. A healthy balance of emotion means a healthy life. But if you have been experiencing feelings that overshadow your life, dragging you down or holding you back, then the first Truth to notice is this: You can change your experience. You can change how you feel. You have more control than you may believe. The tools of hypnosis and NLP are effective at letting go of the past, changing your state, and changing how you feel. This puts you back in control, as you bring your life back into balance. The one consistent comment that clients make after session, no matter what issue they are dealing with, after our sessions people always comment on how much Better they Feel. You can Be Happy!

Anything your mind…can conceive and believe…it can achieve…