Do you find yourself struggling with a relationship conflict, at work or home, with family or friends? Are relationship issues stopping you from fully enjoying life? Would you like to form more loving relationships and feel more connected? Relationships are the core foundation for enjoying a happy life. Romantic partners, lovers, business partners, parents, children, friends, family, co-workers, and all the relationships that come and go through time, define how happy you will be in this lifetime. Healthy Relationships are a work-of-art that require attention but are worth the effort. The effective tools of NLP Coaching & Hypnosis can assist you in navigating through relationship challenges and landing on the other side with the best outcome.

Hypnosis & NLP Sessions Can Help Improve the #1 Relationship:

The Relationship with Your Self

Benefits of Sessions May Include:

  • Improve Interpersonal Relationships (Family – Partner – Spouse – Co-Worker – Friend)
  • Build Trust in a Relationship
  • Improve Family Relationships
  • Resolve Relationship Conflict
  • Getting Over a Breakup
  • Overcome Jealousy in Relationships
  • Manage a Controlling Partner
  • Moving Past a Failed Marriage
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • Attract a Romantic Relationship
  • Choose the Right Partner
  • Create More Loving Relationships
  • Gain Respect in a Relationship
  • Feel More Connected
The Number One Relationship in life is the relationship you have with your Self. The first step in creating great relationships, is to develop a great relationship with your Self. No one can love you more than you love your self. When you are true to yourself, your authentic self – When you love and accept yourself – When you stop beating yourself up – and you begin to love yourself as you are – Then you are in the ideal place to form the best relationships with others, with true connection, openness and loving acceptance and support. As people begin to make these changes within themselves, they notice how the world around them seems to change, People who were toxic in your life either change, disappear, or move farther away into the distance and no longer take up so much space and time in your world. Breaking up with someone you care about when you know it is not right for you can be challenging, but can also be a step towards forming a happy relationship with the right person. As you let go of bad relationships, a space opens up and begins to fill in with people who are a much better fit for you. People who are loving, caring, supportive, and accept you for who you are will begin to fill in that space. In romantic relationships people often come to realize that they have been choosing, or settling for the wrong people. This goes back to the core relationship – the one you have with your Self. As people focus on the self, boosting self confidence, self esteem, and self love, they begin to make new choices in life. When this happens, current relationships evolve and improve, becoming better than before, while toxic relationships dissipate and open a space for someone new to come in.

“Obstacles are breakthroughs in disguise.”


The results of working on your relationship with your self can be astounding. I have seen mothers suddenly bond with adult children who they previously found unpleasant to be around. I have witnessed a man who managed a group of people he referred to as ‘idiots’ and could not stand, suddenly shifted and found those people no longer bothered him anymore (even though they did not change – he made the shift within himself) I have seen people leaving relationships that were toxic, unhealthy, or simply just no longer fit them as a partner….while others who seemed to be in impossible situations and on the edge of divorce, managed to work it out and become closer than ever before. I have seen children forgive parents – and parents forgive children – and move on to have a Happy life. If you are dealing with relationship issues, from getting through a breakup, to juggling a tumultuous relationship in the family, or at work, then doing the work on your Self can bring changes around you that may seem like a small miracle. Relationship struggles at work disappear. Interactions with co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family improve. You may begin to feel more connected to those around you. Relationships are like a puzzle. Two people fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. They are an exact match. But when you change yourself – that other piece of the puzzle does not fit anymore. In this way – that other person begins to change – because you have changed. Now they must change to fit into your world, into your puzzle piece. The work you do on yourself, has a ripple effect into the world around you. And the immediate result is – YOU feel better – even before anyone around you begins to change. Commit to Creating the Best Relationships of Your Life


When people find themselves in a relationship conflict they often reach out for marriage counseling or couples therapy, and this can indeed be very helpful. I highly recommend it. However, you may be surprised to discover how doing work on the Self can have a huge impact on improving the relationships around you. In fact, people attending marriage counseling and couples therapy have been referred to me by their counselors to do this work on the Self. In session together we apply the tools of hypnosis and NLP to enhance the work they are doing in couples counseling. When you are setting relationship goals it is a good idea to begin with a vision for your own self image. Who do YOU want to be in the relationship? Some people discover they have been involved in a toxic relationship without even knowing it. And as they work to improve their own self esteem, this truth becomes obvious, and it becomes easier to change. Learning boundaries is an important step towards having healthy relationships. Boundaries do not keep people out. Instead they are a way of interacting with mutual respect, so you can feel safe being open and let people in. People with low self esteem fall more easily into unhealthy relationships. But people with a positive self image and high self esteem find it easier to attract a good relationship.
In fact, a good belief to have is the belief that all relationships are a learning experience. Even those horrible relationship experiences can teach us something. Unhealthy relationships can be a catalyst for change, as you learn to build a positive self image with unconditional self love and complete acceptance of yourself. As you increase your self esteem and boost self confidence it becomes easier to meet the challenge of letting go of someone you love when you know they are not good for you. At the same time you open a space for a new relationship to come in. Staying in a bad relationship can feel so bad, but choosing to be in a good relationship can feel so good! It all begins with the self. Building a belief in your self that you deserve the type of relationship you truly want. If you want a committed relationship, then look for the person who is committed. If you want a serious relationship, you want to attract the person who is serious about being in a relationship. What you don’t want to do is try to change someone into becoming the person you want them to be. That never works! But when you become the person YOU want to be in a love relationship – you are already halfway there – and much closer to finding the right fit. Commit to Becoming Your True Authentic Self