Do you want to be healthy and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, filled with energy and vitality? Healthy Living goes beyond the physical body. Living a healthy lifestyle includes physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health. Making healthy life choices to maintain life balance in mind body and spirit is the best preventive medicine.


Its hard to measure the disease you never get, the symptoms that never show up, the ailments that never become a part of your daily life. Preventive care is becoming more integrated into mainstream medicine. My brother who worked for NASA described the intensive programs they provided, bringing in various health care experts to teach employees how to reduce stress and achieve emotional wellness in order to prevent illness and disease. The cost of this program was minimal compared to the savings in healthcare costs of treating patients ‘after’ they become sick. NLP & Hypnosis enhance the natural mind body connection to relieve stress. Stress management and achieving emotional well being go a long way in maintaining a healthy body.


Most people think of a healthy lifestyle related to the body – the physical – not realizing how it is all connected: Mind Body Spirit Your emotional health, mental health and spiritual health affect your physical health. Some people focus on ‘diet and exercise’ as the answer to a healthy life. Of course it is important to have a healthy diet and be physically active. But good health goes beyond food. What thoughts do you swallow and allow to engulf your mind and affect your soul? What do you think about yourself, your friends, your family, coworkers and the world around you? Do you swim in a sea of positive thinking and supportive optimism that lifts you up? Or do you find yourself drowning in a world of negativity that seems to pull you under, feeling like a big rock with a rope tied around your waist is dragging you down, taking all your energy to stay afloat? How do you feel from day to day? We all experience a range of emotions that rise and fall like the tides. But how do you experience life overall? Do you find yourself feeling joyful, brimming with hope for the future, and exhilarated to start your days? Or do you spend too much time fighting off sadness, anger, or disappointment feeling as if life has let you down? Do you feel self-confidence and have a strong belief in yourself that you can take on any challenge that shows up? Or do you struggle with anxiety, and absorb all the stressors of life like a sponge soaks up water? Do you feel a strong connection to a greater power – something greater than yourself – always there by your side – supporting you, leading you, guiding you – knowing you are never alone? Or do you sometimes feel all alone and forget that support is always there by your side? Most people tend to experience “all of the above” at some point in life. Life is not black and white and it is not like flipping on a switch, and then you have arrived! Life is more like a spectrum – a wide range from one extreme to the other – and everything in between. One end of the spectrum represents an unhealthy life with illness and disease – the other end holds the most healthy lifestyle available to you. Everything we do in session – no matter what the topic is about – includes elements to shift you towards a more healthy lifestyle. The hypnosis sessions and NLP exercises all move you closer to the healthy living side of the spectrum. We create a positive mindset for a healthy mind body connection to activate natural health.

“Healing is an effect of changing beliefs. Change the mind to change the body”


It may be surprising to learn that many people who come in to ‘get happy’ and never mention losing weight, do indeed get happy, and then the pounds begin to melt. Even though we never discuss weight loss. This is probably because studies reveal – people who are happy tend to have the most success in life – from reaching career goals – to reaching healthy lifestyle goals. When you lower stress, emotional eating tends to subside. You don’t just want to be healthy. You want to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

What You Can Expect in Sessions to Reinforce a Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Building Confidence
  • Improve Self Esteem
  • Believe in Your Self
  • Enhance Self Image
  • Learn Self Acceptance
  • Engage in Healthy Relationships
  • Trust Your Self and Your Own Judgement
  • Trust Your Gut
  • Gain More Control over Emotions
  • Stop Emotional Eating
  • Release Negativity
  • Develop Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Adopt More Positive Thinking
  • Let Go of the Past
  • Feel More Relaxed and at Ease
  • Practice Self Love and Self Care
You can see how diet and exercise are only a small part of a healthy lifestyle. They are much more like a ‘side dish’ that you order along with the main course. When the main course lines up – when you start putting these elements into place to be healthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – then the physical side begins to take shape. It would be like putting together a jig saw puzzle. When all the other pieces are there – the place where physical health fits in becomes so obvious to see you cannot possibly miss it. And then, it takes much less effort to put that piece of the puzzle into place. Get in Touch for a Mind-Body-Spirit Rejuvenation Series and move your Self closer to Optimal Health.