Flower Moon…
a walk in the park…

On May 7, 2020 at 5.45am CST
we enjoy another SuperMoon.

The SuperMoon appears larger than average
and is a sight to behold.

This Full Moon is known as a Flower Moon

This full moon occurs in scorpio –
a sign associated with
growth and transformation.

Scorpio is one of the most dramatic,
passionate and psychic signs.

The name Flower Moon reminds us
of the flowers that bloom
during the month of May.

One meaning given to a
Flower Moon is a

Spiritual Walk in the Park

So it was fitting on my ‘walk in the park’
that I grabbed this picture of
the moon rising…just before it was full…

Full Moons are a good time to reflect,
search for meaning in life.

The Flower Moon represents –

A return to abundance,
warmth and life.

For some this can be an intense time,
as feelings rise up,
pushing you closer to your truth.

So it may or may not feel like
walk in the park,
but by the end of 2020…

You may look back and see,
it was the experience of this time…

That paved the way for
an incredible new chapter in your life.
A moment of “growth”.

This moment represents “Transformation.”

Most people think of transformation
as a positive end result (which it is)
feeling strong, and happy to be alive.

But they often forget the
journey that led them there.

This journey may be your
walk in the park.

It may be a pleasant journey,
or it may have challenges.

Transformation may involve change,
letting go, sacrifice
or even pain.

Sometimes pain makes you stronger.
People life weights to build muscle.

Sometimes sacrifice brings rewards.
Skipping sweets to gain more vibrant health.

Letting go of something negative
that brings you down,
can open a space for something better
to come in and fill the void.

Whatever your journey
on your spiritual walk in the park –
enjoy the last SuperMoon of the year –
the Flower Moon on May 7, 2020.