The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 

Happening Jan 2019 is a SuperMoon

Supermoon happens
when the Full Moon orbit is
closer to the Earth

and the symbology could be
whether you believe it or not
What can you expect?

Expect the unexpected

Unexpected events may occur
Which bring about change –

Original ideas –
Breakthroughs – 

Opportunity – if you are open

a wake up call –
to recognize
your own fears and
self-imposed limitations

and move past them

This is a time for Creativity –

to Shine your Gifts

To the world

Everyone has a unique spark –

There is no one like you

Competition is not a concern

Comparison no longer matters

Because no one can do it

Quite like you –

and so –

self-confidence can soar

As you recognize and share

The unique creativity within you

However you choose to share your
inner gifts and creativity –

with your Self

With a Group of People

Or with the world on a larger scale

This Super Moon

a Blood Red moon – is

a time to bring more color

To your life

Do something new
A time for endings,

Letting go

And beginnings,

Starting – a new –

Some Ideas –
associated with this
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse –



Future Oriented




Emotional Sensitivity

Increased Awareness

New Project – Endeavor 

Strong Leadership

Unique Spark…

If there is an idea, a thought

A nudge that has been

Pushing you

Now may be the time

And if you don’t know

What to do just yet

Here are some ideas

That you could initiate


Random Acts of Kindness

Generosity of Giving

Practice Patience

Expand Self-Awareness


Letting go of the old

dream, disappointment

That did not work out


Allowing the good to flow in

Future Oriented…

All the best,