Why would I want to strengthen my EGO?  After all the time I spend in meditation, listening to Holosync CDs to put me into deep meditative, trance, listening to self hypnosis recordings to improve my life, and doing Ashtanga Yoga everyday to still the mind, be present, and let go of the EGO?

As Eckhart Tolle mentions…in The Power of NOW…it is the EGO that keeps us in pain and misery.  So why would I want to make my ego even stronger?

Perhaps it is semantics…but the EGO we are referring to here is the ego that resides deep down at the unsconsious level.  This ego is often shattered by thoughts and ideas that were spoon-fed to us at an early age.  Thoughts about not being good enough, not being worthy, or not deserving.

So as you get ready to walk into the next job interview, or start a creative project, or ask someone on a date, or invite someone over to be your friend, all of those ‘subconscious programs’ rear their ugly head…and then you experience doubt, fear, or lack of confidence.

No matter how much confidence you have, no matter how good you feel like you feel about yourself…everyone can use an EGO strengthener.

This ego builder I am referring to is a “Support System” for your unconscious mind.  Your unconscious is like a small child.  It needs to be nurtured and supported.

The latest and greatest parenting books all reflect that children do better when they are encouraged and supported.  In the same way, your unconscious mind (which happens to run the show..and controls 95% of your behaviors)…your unconscious mind, will do ‘much’ better when you nurture and support it.

In all of the hypnosis research and statistics that I have read, across the board, the leading researchers and hypnotherapists agree that using ‘EGO STRENGTHENING’ hypnotic suggestions greatly increase the rate of success…no matter what issue you are working on:  becoming a nonsmoker, becoming a slim and trim healthy person, creating a new relationship, or changing to a new career.

That is why I include EGO strengthening techniques in hypnosis, along with NLP, to super-strengthen the inner child.   So if you are looking for a new job, a new relationship, better health, want better relationships with your friends and family, want to fully express your creativity…whatever your goal…boosting your confidence and self esteem will improve your chance of success!

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