How do you battle the blues?  Focus your attention on what makes you feel better.

Sounds easy right?  RIGHT!  Then Why are there days this seems impossible?

I lost my job! The economy sucks.  My relationship is on the rocks!

Does this sound familiar?  Do you talk to your self this way?

Focus on what makes you feel better, and your life will get better!  Some call this the Law of Attraction. Others dismiss this as nonsense.

However, there is scientific basis behind this idea.  The thoughts you have release certain chemicals in the body, that affect you both mentally and physically.  And the more you focus on certain thoughts or ideas, the stronger your ‘neural muscles’ for those ideas become.

So if you are dwelling in depression, you will also be reinforcing the processes in your brain that keep you there.  What to do?

Reach for the next best feeling.   How?  Focus your attention on something that makes you feel better!

Sounds easy right?  Right!

One simple way to do this, is to feel grateful for something good in your life, right now.  No matter how bad things are, you can always find something to be grateful for.  As you learn to appreciate the good in your life, you may be surprised to discover how much better you feel.

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And if you need extra support creating a shift in your life, you might consider booking a Total Relaxation Session. 

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You have everything you need inside of you right now, you simply need to access your inner resources, and allow them to surface.

So stay positive, focus, and appreciate the good, because there is more good coming your way!

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