Hypnosis – NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Coaching offer a Creative Toolbox of choice to create the change you want to see and be in the world! This ‘toolbox’ provides a variety of tools for the Certified Practitioner to choose from. Similar to the way a carpenter may select a tool to strengthen the foundation of a house, ensuring the structure is safe and sound. Once the foundation is steady and secure the layers on top fall neatly and easily into place, and the results last for a very long time. This Creative Toolbox can help you change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors to improve your life.

HYPNOSIS: Is Hypnosis Right for You?

If you have average intelligence, the ability to imagine, and the desire to change, then hypnosis may benefit you. You have a very powerful mind. But the average person only uses 5% of their brain! Everything you do all day, walking, talking, seeing, hearing, working, playing, learning, all happens on less than 5% brain power. Imagine how incredible your life would be if you could activate a bit more of that power!! Hypnosis allows you to access that power, quickly and effectively. Have you ever watched a brilliant movie, or heard a friend tell an amazing story, or become so involved in reading a good book that you lost track of time? You were in a light state of hypnosis. Experiencing hypnosis is like listening to an amazing storyteller. When you hear a good story it sparks your imagination, with vivid images and vibrant sound it pulls you in, as if the characters have come to life. Hypnosis reaches your unconscious mind to install positive suggestions and accelerate you towards your goal. Your unconscious is in charge of many feelings, behaviors and responses, some not so useful, such as finding yourself in front of the frig when you had ‘consciously’ decided to eat less.
Your unconscious mind also stores many learned beliefs, some of them not so useful.  Some common beliefs are: ‘I am not worthy”  “I will never be a success”. “Happiness is for other people” “Life is a struggle” “I will never have enough money” Those not-so-useful ideas are often buried below the surface, out of your awareness, but the Creative Tool of Hypnosis allows us to install new, positive resources and behaviors, such as confidence, joy, motivation and self-control of habits and behaviors. When you are in a state of hypnosis you are able to activate the power of your unconscious mind and change the way you think, feel and behave, to move more quickly toward your goal.  By the time you experience your first session, you may feel more relaxed, calm, confident and secure. By now you may realize how Hypnosis can help you to reach your goals.  For more information see:  FAQ

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NLP has been used by famous actors, athletes, entrepreneurs, counselors and educators for over 40 years to achieve states of excellence! The NLP Practitioner has access to a wide range of tools, and chooses which tool or exercise will give the best results. NLP exercises are lightning fast, elegant, and fun. You will be amazed at the changes that occur with ease, from simply becoming involved in what, at times, may seem like a game of entertainment. NLP combines simple exercises with images, sounds, and sensations, to make quick change at the subconscious level. Through creative imagination, with guidance from an NLP Practitioner, you can re-train your brain, change your internal programming and experience new ways of being. The change happens swiftly, and seems so natural it may feel as if nothing had happened. But if you pay attention you will notice that you feel better, think new thoughts, and experience new behaviors. By the first session most people experience a shift. We combine NLP with Hypnosis to allow for even greater results.

Neuro-Linguistic Coaching

Coaching is a dynamic process between Client and Coach. The Coach serves as a ‘mirror’ to reflect back your present situation, beliefs, blocks, strengths, and desires. The Coach offers insight, feedback, and tools for change. The Coach acts as guide to help you on along the journey to your destination. Neuro Linguistic Coaching combines the Creative Tools of NLP/Hypnosis along with standard coaching strategies, to speed you to excellence. These tools allow you to sharpen your focus, clarify your goals, and listen to that inner voice, to ensure you are heading down the right path. The role of the Coach is to offer tools and support, while holding you accountable each step of the way. The role of the Client is to make the commitment, show up, do the exercises, anticipate positive results, and expect the unexpected!

Results you may experience from NLP-Hypnosis-Coaching:

  • After smoking for years, you become a non-smoker, and it feels natural
  • You gain the confidence and clarity to start that new business
  • You gain a sense of self-empowerment as you begin to believe in yourself
  • After suffering through test anxiety, you find the ability to focus and do well on your exams
  • You make a leap in your career and feel good feel about it
  • Your feelings of depression lift, and you begin to enjoy life
  • Old feelings of anger dissipate, and you handle conflict with calm focus
  • You begin to feel more relaxed as you release stress, and experience a sense of ease
  • Your sense of confidence and self-esteem becomes stronger
  • You remain centered and balanced as you navigate through major transition
  • You gain self-control over habits and behaviors that once bothered you
  • More choices become available as your options expand and open up.
  • You begin to notice the opportunities around you, and have the confidence to accept them.

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