You Hold The Power Within You Now

My favorite ‘presupposition’ of NLP is this: Behind every behavior is a positive intention. Yes, that’s right. EVERY behavior. The ‘behavior’ itself may not be positive, but the ‘intention’ behind the behavior is always positive.

While the behavior may appear destructive, the positive intention serves a useful purpose, such as protection, safety, receiving attention, love or freedom. Those are all positive intentions!

Perhaps a ‘part of you’ is creating a destructive pattern or behavior in your life, but you would like to change it. That part of you is seeking to fulfill a positive intention.

Through the Core Transformation exercise we transform that part to release the destructive behavior and integrate the part back into wholeness. People who experience core transformation describe a feeling of peace, calm, connection and oneness. They find the results spread to other areas of their life with a positive ripple effect.

The entire process happens through hypnosis, in a state of relaxation, by using your imagination to transcend the problem bothering you today. The results can be astounding.

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