Austin locals joined visitors from San Marcos, Temple, Alabama, and New York. The group energy created a space that made all feel welcome and supported.  Thank you all for your positive presence!


What did you like best about the intuitive writing workshop today?

“the guidance”

“the process”

the deep relaxation”

“the instructor”

“the environment”

“the meditation”

“the music”

What did you experience?


“Lost track of the dark – really went deep fast”

“Calm Insight that I have to get the ‘words’ out there to people”

“Transition into a New, Happy Comfortable Place”

“Deep Relaxation, New Revelations, Felt VERY Good!”

“Feeling of Deep Relaxation and a Clear Mind”

“Went to a place of ‘no words’…”

“Great First Experience”

Follow Up Comments:

“I enjoyed the workshop.  It was not what I expected.  When I got back home,  my cigarettes tasted horrible! I am thinking about quitting.”

NOTE:  When I saw him later that week, he was no longer smoking:)

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