Maybe you’ve heard the famous quote ‘thoughts become things’. But how does that really work?

Metaphysics believe it is a way our subconscious mind taps into the infinite intelligence of the universe, to manifest something into reality.

Others explain this as the Law of Attraction, where what you put out into the world comes right back to you.

When you view this idea from the knowledge about how hypnosis works, positive thinking goes well beyond being that upbeat person in a crowd.

Because what you think about, and how you imagine yourself, is a form of self-hypnosis.

You are literally programming your subconscious mind with your thoughts, everyday.

And depending what you are thinking, your subconscious mind will create specific habits, feelings, and behaviors that produce the actions you take “automatically’ each day.

In summary, what you think, feel and do, determines the amount of success (or failure) that you experience in life. This is why attending guided hypnosis sessions are so powerful.

You are constantly programming yourself, everyday, whether you realize it or not.

Programming, and re-programming. Hypnosis sessions guide that direction.

Positive thinking keeps you moving in the direction where you want to be. And if something is not working in your life, stop and pay attention to what you are thinking about. Because the moment you change your thoughts, you begin to change your ‘subconscious’ mind, and you will find yourself having new thoughts, new ideas, new

You will automatically be taking NEW action, without hesitation, moving in the direction to where you want to be. And if you stumble upon some resistance to this change, then you may want to book a session to let go of those blocks, or as many do, to simply support the positive moves you are already making in your life.

Be open to having new thoughts, and a new way of life.

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