Valentines is coming.  Are you ready?

Are you still searching for the one, but have given up hope?   Longing for your soulmate, the perfect partner?  Do you carry disappointments from the past, along with a heavy heart?

Does your current relationship feel more like a ball and chain, rather than the supportive, uplifting feeling you had hoped it would be?

Are you carrying around emotional baggage from the past that is weighing you down?

To make this Valentine’s Day extra special, consider taking a step towards clearing away old feelings and emotions from the past that are weighing you down.  NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in combination with Hypnosis, offers many fast and effective techniques for clearing emotional baggage, clearing past disappointments, and opening a space for a Loving Heart.

When you release that ‘stuff’ that is weighing you down, you literally begin to feel lighter and lighter, as if floating on air.

Where would you rather be, when you line up with your perfect partner?  Dragging on the ground, or floating on air?

How could your current relationship change for the better?

Plan to spend this Valentine’s Day sharing the Love, with an open Loving Heart, whether you share this love with your partner, your friends, your family, your cat or your dog.  Share the Love with an open heart, free of the chains of the past.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!